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GFSGL 0.92
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Play ... the games you want to play using the same unified interface for native games, Windows games, ScummVM games, gameboy advance games and more. Installation of native Linux games and Windows games just one click away. Autodetection of almost all native Linux games and ScummVM games.

Improve ... the feel of gaming on GNU/Linux and other Unix-like platforms. GFSGL provides you with functions simplifying the life of a gamer that just wants to play.

Extend ... GFSGL with the brand new GMod module system that allows you to load modules adding functionality and game support to GFSGL. Or if you really feel like getting dirty you can simply dig through the source code yourself, GFSGL is 100% free and open source software.

GFSGL is ...

Stable - the final release is not rushed out the door, many test releases come before it.

Fast - even though it is written in bash (and a tiny bit of perl) GFSGL is fast and starts your games when you want them.

Easy - GFSGL is simple to use, with as little junk as possible. It gives you menu items and even commands for your games, in addition to being available from GFSGL. Launch the game using your preffered method.

Modular - the new GMod module system allows you to load extra functionality into GFSGL on demand, and thus everything that isn't required by GFSGL is split out of the core into a module.

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